Extraction of Teeth

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We believe that every tooth is precious & one of the main goals of modern dentistry will always be the prevention of tooth loss. All possible measures should be taken to preserve & maintain your teeth because the loss of a simple tooth can have a major impact upon dental health & appearance. However it is still sometimes necessary to remove a tooth.

What are indications for extraction / removal of a tooth?
  • Severely decayed / infected teeth that cannot be salvaged.
  • Advanced gum disease leading to mobile teeth.
  • Orthodontic correction.
  • Malpositioned teeth.
  • Fractured teeth or roots.
  • Impacted teeth.
Is extraction of teeth a painful procedure ?

No it is not a painful procedure. Various pain management procedures need to be taken care of before & after the extraction to minimise discomfort.
Prior to extraction it is always advisible to start a course of antibiotics & analgesics to minimise the infection thereby minimising pain.
Also the area is anesthetised with a local anesthetic before the procedure thereby making it a relatively painless procedure.
However post-extraction care is required.

What are the post - extraction instructions?
  • Do not spit or talk for half an hour after the tooth has been extracted.
  • Allow the cotton to remain there for half an hour after that dispose the cotton off and do not replace it with a new cotton. Apply ice from outside, i.e. externally in the area where the tooth was extracted.
  • Do not eat for half an hour. After an hour also restrict your diet to something soft and cold for atleast that day.
  • Continue your prescribed medicines (The Antibiotic and Pain Killer) for two more days.
  • In case of any kind of allergic reaction to the prescribed drugs immediately discontinue them and consult your Physician or call us up.
  • Minor Bleeding can be anticipated. Moderate to severe bleeding needs to be reported to us.
  • Minor Swelling and Discomfort can be anticipated for a Day or so.
  • In case of any serious problem or undesirable.