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Why do I need a sinus lift procedure?

Sinus augmentation (sinus lift) is performed when the floor of the sinus is too close to an area where dental implants are to be placed. This procedure is performed to ensure a secure place for the implants while protecting the sinus.

Patients who have the following may be good candidates for sinus augmentation:
  • Lost more than one tooth in the posterior maxilla.
  • Lost a significant amount of bone in the posterior maxilla.
  • Missing teeth due to genetics or birth defect.
  • Missing most of the maxillary teeth & need a strong sinus floor for multiple implants.

Prior to undergoing sinus augmentation, diagnostics are run to determine the health of the patient's sinuses. Panoramic radiographs are taken to map out the patients upper jaw & sinuses. In special instances, a computed tomography or CT scan is taken to measure the sinus's height & width, & to rule out any sinus disease or pathology.

  • Direct sinus lift or
  • Indirect sinus lift
It may be done by:
  • Direct sinus lift or
  • Indirect sinus lift

The procedure is performed from inside the patient’s mouth where the surgeon makes an incision into the gum. Once the incision is made, the surgeon then pulls back the gum tissue, exposing the lateral boney wall of the sinus. The surgeon then cuts a "window" to the sinus, which is covered by a thin membrane. The membrane is carefully lifted away, & bone graft material is placed into the newly created space. The goal of this procedure is to stimulate bone growth & form a thicker sinus floor, in order to support dental implants.