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Whenever there is a tooth missing with teeth present adjacent to this space then it can be replaced by a bridge which is a fixed replacement option. Bridge takes support from adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth.

What is a bridge or fixed bridge?
  • A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. It is called a fixed bridge because it is not removable.
  • A bridge is a structure, supported by teeth on either side of a space.
  • It spans the gap between teeth, just as a bridge spans a river.
What is the procedure for making a bridge?
  • The first step is to prepare the supports for the bridge.
  • Replacement crowns are placed over existing teeth as supports for a bridge.
    • The dentist prepares down the teeth on either side of the gap, and takes an impression of the prepared teeth.
    • This is then sent to the dental technicianlab where the bridge is made.
    • The technician will make a replacement crown for each prepared tooth.
    • These crowns are joined to an artificial tooth, which replaces the missing tooth.
    • The dentist will then cement the completed bridge over the prepared teeth.
How will my prepared teeth be protected until I receive my bridge?
  • The dentist will make and install a temporary acrylic bridge that will protect the teeth and prevent sensitivity.
  • You can eat normally with a temporary bridge. It will also look reasonably ok in case of the front teeth.
Can implants be used to anchor single crowns and bridges?
  • "Another option for the replacement of missing teeth is the use of dental implants . These are used not only in patients that have lost teeth due to caries and periodontal diseases, but also to restore form and function in patients treated for trauma, cranio-facial cancers, hereditary tooth defects, and other abnormalities." U.S. Surgeon General's Report
  • Where there are no natural teeth, implants can be used to anchor or support individual crowns. They may also support bridges, which can replace several missing teeth.